Residential Sales and Purchases are the cornerstone of our business.


Government Grants, dealing with banks, deposits and special conditions, expert help makes this all easier.


Selling and buying together, matching settlements, these are all complicated matters that need professional advice.


Taking ownership of an Investment property has its own unique challenges, we can help you with this.


Make sure your big plans are built on solid foundations, and don’t trip up on overlays, covenants and restrictions.


Shops, Factories and Offices have complex issues possibly relating to leases and Owners Corporations. Let us help you navigate these.


Have questions regarding stamp duty on partially completed or yet to be constructed dwellings? We are the experts.


Need to be handled with care  – let us help you ensure that you receive what you are entitled to under the contract, and that your finance is ready when the title is released.


Transfers between family and other relatives is a minefield, and Stamp Duty considerations are a factor too. We understand and can explain.

We are able to attend to all components of the conveyance as required from applying for the relevant title and property searches, preparation of transfer documentation, coordination with the Estate Agents, Lenders, Conveyancers, Solicitors and other Statutory Authorities.

“Buyer Beware”

Applies to all Contracts signed by a purchaser and by signing the Contract the Purchaser is deemed to have fully read and understood the Contract together with making all necessary and complete enquiries to the relevant authorities prior to signing. It is not mandatory for a Vendor to provide all certificates relevant to a purchaser. Sometimes the Purchaser must rely on information contained within the Section 32 Vendors Statement. Rest assured Knox Legal, incorporating Lane Amazon Conveyancing will obtain all certificates required to thoroughly check the property you are buying.

The Vendor Statement will not disclose the following:
Whether the property is subject to any structural defects or problems such as leaky roof, termites, broken appliances such as heating, alarm etc
Any development proposals for the surrounding area
Whether or not the land is subject to any contamination or pollutants
Details of any final inspections or permits which have NOT been obtained (i.e. illegal structures).

A Section 32 Vendor Statement can be a bit daunting to most people. If you are not sure of what is contained in the Section 32 Vendor Statement you have been given, let Knox Legal, incorporating Lane Amazon Conveyancing review it for you. Knox Legal, incorporating Lane Amazon Conveyancing does this at no charge to our clients. No matter how many properties you look at, we are more than happy to review a Section 32 Vendor Statement for you.

How? Just contact us and speak to one of our friendly staff members on (03) 9800 4422.

Before signing any contract the old rule of “BUYER BEWARE” cannot be stressed enough. Be sure you have checked everything out with your future property or request a condition in the Contract. Some of these checks include:

Get a building inspection/pest report.
Make sure all the appliances are working and all the fixtures and fittings are in good condition. It is a good idea to write these down.
Measure the property boundaries as per the planning diagram attached to the Section 32 Vendor Statement.
Make sure the property complies with all the local building regulations.
If in doubt, contact us and we can point you in the right direction BEFORE you sign a contract.

Are you a First Home Buyer?
Being a first home buyer can be quite overwhelming. There is so much to remember, so much foreign terminology to get your head around. Rest assured that we will take you through the steps of the conveyance one by one so that you feel confident in the process of buying your first home.

AT Knox Legal, incorporating Lane Amazon CONVEYANCING WE:


the process of the conveyance step by step


you how to check out the property thoroughly

Go through

the Section 32 Vendors Statement with you before you sign


to ensure that the appropriate special conditions are inserted in the contract


your eligiblity for Government assistance e.g. First Home Owners Grant, stamp duty concessions, etcsign


you with care and attention as you make maybe the biggest purchase in your life.

Call us on (03) 9800 4422 before signing anything!

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Get in touch with us at Knox legal. incorporating Lane Amazon Conveyancing. We can go through the process with you via phone, email or even in person. Trust your sale or purchase to our experience.